Specialized Infant & Pre-crawling Baby Therapy

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tongue/lip/cheek ties, & head shaping

whole body movement to optimize functional skills

Listed Provider and Bodyworker for Ankyloglossia/Tongue Tie, and TummyTime!™ Method

Working together as a team to improve life at home

Milestones Occupational Therapy strives to be a local support, resource, educator, and therapeutic tool for families and their babies. We work together to determine you and your child’s needs, abilities, and how to address concerns.

how can milestones help you and your baby?

Occupational therapy’s goal is to help people to be able to engage in everyday occupations, or things we need to do, to the best of his/her abilities. Common examples of occupations for a child/infant may include : Feeding, playing, communicating, exploring/engaging in the environment, sleeping, and more.

I specialize in working with babies for pre/post frenectomy (tongue, lip, and cheek tie release) concerns, breastfeeding or bottle feeding issues, head shaping issues such as torticollis and plagiocephaly, strength/coordination issues, gross and fine motor development, digestion/reflux, self-regulation. 

I use hands-on handling/movement and positioning techniques, oral motor therapy, therapeutic tummy time methods, and in-depth parent education with home programs.

I am trained in the TummyTime!™ Method which is a therapeutic approach to movement therapy in many positions to improve health, posture, movement, and connection. Therapeutic use of the TummyTime!™ approach encourages healthy nervous system function and motor development.

I specialize in assessment and treatment of babies demonstrating symptoms/diagnoses of:

  • Difficulty breastfeeding or bottle feeding

  • Pre or post frenectomy (tongue, lip, cheek tie release) concerns

  • Head shape concerns

  • Torticollis or head turning preference

  • Plagiocephay, brachycephaly, or flat head spots

  • Difficulty passing bowels, or gassy

  • Significant reflux

  • Weight gain concerns

  • Poor head control

  • Tightness in the face or body

  • Coordination difficulty

  • Preterm infants and related challenges

  • Fine and gross motor coordination difficulty

  • Transitioning to bottles, cups, finger foods


Lindsay Schroeder

I am owner of Milestones Occupational Therapy; a private pediatric clinic with roots in Franklin, TN and with a heart for serving the communities of greater Nashville area.

I am a licensed Occupational Therapist with a secondary degree in fine art. I am originally from Michigan where I received my Bachelors in Fine Art from Central Michigan University and subsequently my Masters of Occupational Therapy from Eastern Michigan University. I have had experiences working with a diverse population in multiple areas of Michigan and Tennessee, and have previous work history in a variety of locations including hospitals, schools, outpatient pediatric clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and within individual homes doing home healthcare.

I am a locally listed bodyworker for tongue tie, otherwise known as ankyloglossia, and the TummyTime!™ Method approach


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